May, 2020

Corona Update

Organizations and individuals are trying their best to adjust to this new normal and the need of the hour is a solution that would help them maintain and build the productivity and efficiency of the physical workplace right in the safety and comfort of their homes.

Jan, 2020

The fireworks

The third state of emergency was called in New South Wales, Australia, as bushfires threatened the south coast of the country.

April, 2019

Black Hole

For the first time, astronomers released an image of a black hole — something that has eluded scientists for more than half a century. An international effort involving eight radio observatories across four continents observed the black hole located in Messier 87.

March, 2018

Last breath of science

Veteran physicist, cosmologist and professor Stephen Hawking breathed his last on Wednesday, 14 March, leaving behind a black hole in the mortal world.